Lead Instructor: Katie Cook

Katie Cook, MED, BCBA, is the Academic Director at ATCConline.com, an award-winning ABA training center. Katie is the author the best-selling books Autism & Me and Thriving with Autism. Her contributions to the field of Applied Behavior Analysis also include both the dissemination of ethical and effective ABA practices through ongoing clinical supervision as well as the expansion of our field through the mentorship and training of both RBT and BCBA candidates.

Katie recently released her first ever Autism Parenting Program & Caregiver Community, Activities-in-Action.com – where fun and easy learning strategies and activities are shared through video demonstrations including access to downloadable materials and live professional support. Katie graduated with honors from California State University, Long Beach.

She continued her education at National University, La Jolla, and earned her Master of Education with a Specialization in Autism. She later studied under Jose Martinez-Diaz, Ph.D., BCBA-D, associate dean, professor, and head of the School of Behavior Analysis at the Florida Institute of Technology. 

She has dedicated her professional career to building strategies that bring families into the therapeutic environment for children with autism. Education and training are her passions, and she believes these are the cornerstones of successful ABA programs.  She guided by her love for ABA and has spent years building both her ABA agency, ABA Services for Autism, and ATCC into wholehearted organizations, characterized by complete sincerity, compassion and commitment to ethical services.
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