Interactive online Learning

Thriving with Autism: Activities-in-Action

The Activities-in-Action program includes simple and easy-to-understand descriptions along with clear video demonstrations and guided practices taught by certified professionals. Also includes unlimited access to the THRIVING WITH PARENTING exclusive caregiver community where you can connect with other like-minded caregivers invested in their children's learning and growth, as well as ask questions directly to certified professionals ready to ensure your success in this journey!
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eLearning  Program
  • See the fun activities from Thriving With Autism, "In Action" by watching video demonstrations (you don't need the book to utilize this program)
  • Learn what ABA clinicians know about the science behind ABA therapy in simple, parent-friendly terms.
  • Connect with your child in a special way as you do guided activities designed to help your child thrive.
  • Learn new evidence-based practices for teaching children with autism  ~ taught by professionals. 
  • Participate in a program designed to easily help you turn play-time into beneficial therapy-time.

Thriving with Autism: Activities-in-Action

Activities-in-Action is a wholehearted program for caregivers of children with autism and related disorders, ages 1-11 years old, the most vital years of development. The Activities-in-Action program is equipped not only with simple and easy to understand descriptions, but also video demonstrations and guided practices taught by certified professionals. 

Included in this offer is unlimited access to the Thriving with Parenting exclusive caregiver community, where you can connect with other like-minded caregivers invested in their children's learning and growth, as well as ask questions directly to certified professionals ready to ensure your success in this journey!
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Thriving with Parenting

Caregiver Community


Be part of a closed parenting community with exclusive membership only for caregivers enrolled in the Activities-in-Action Program.


Communicate with and ask questions to BCBAs & RBTs about evidence-based strategies for teaching your child.


Connect with other like-minded caregivers who are also invested in spending quality time to help their child learn and grow.


Exchange ideas with other parents about what strategies, toys, and activities are working. Share your thoughts and feelings about struggles and successes. 
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RBT Training, Competency Assessments, Exam Prep, and More...

ATCC offers comprehensive RBT training options to help individuals become certified Registered Behavior Technicians® (RBTs). With their Full RBT Certification Program, participants receive the 40-Hour RBT Curriculum, live instructor meetings, competency assessment preparation, background check, exam study resources, and more. ATCC also provides a self-paced program for flexible learning. Their training options provide the knowledge and support needed to succeed in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). 

Online BCBA Supervision for Efficient Completion of Fieldwork Hours

ATCC offers exceptional Online BCBA supervision for graduate students seeking their own BCBA certification. We provide regular monthly BCBA supervision at 5% supervised hours per month, as well as concentrated supervision at 10% supervised hours per month. Both options offer professional guidance and support to help students remotely complete their required fieldwork hours efficiently. 

Compassionate Caregiver Training: Navigating Autism with Confidence

Unlock your potential as a caregiver with ATCC's comprehensive caregiver training programs. Join "Parenting Autism - The Journey" to receive guidance and support in navigating the challenges of parenting a child with autism. Engage in interactive learning with "Thriving with Autism: Activities-in-Action" to turn playtime into therapy time. Explore the world of autism with "Discovering Autism" and gain valuable insights. And don't miss out on the convenience of the "Behavior Bot" for personalized support from a compassionate and ABA trained Chatbot curated specifically to meet your unique parenting needs.

Meet the requirements of California's AB-1172 training with ATCC's comprehensive Online Training

Easily meet the requirements of California's AB-1172 behavior training at ATCC! Our online AB-1172 Behavior Training for CALIFORNIA NPS & NPA is designed to ensure compliance and provide staff with the necessary skills and knowledge to work effectively with students. Flexible online access, complete the training at your own pace within 90-minutes, and receive a personalized downloadable PDF Certificate of Completion. Bulk training codes available for simple purchase for organizations in need of full staff training. 

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Earn ongoing monthly income with ATCC's free affiliate program! Join in just 1 minute and start promoting our high-quality ABA training and certification services. With a generous 10% commission, it's never been easier to make money. Simply share your unique affiliate ID and earn 10% not only on the initial sale but also on any recurring payments. Our program is simple to use and understand, making it a great opportunity for anyone looking to boost their income. Sign up today and start earning with ATCC!