Watch the Video: Compare your RBT Training Options

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Full RBT Certification Program:

  • Comprehensive support including BCBA feedback on Competency Assessment Practice Assignments.
  • Includes the required Initial Competency Assessment.
  • Covers fees for the BACB application and Pearson Testing Center.
  • Offers guided and graded assignments with a BCBA to prepare for the competency assessment.
  • Provides a BCBA-administered background check and BCBA signature on the RBT application in the BACB gateway.
  • Includes resume and interview assistance for professional readiness.
  • Optional live weekly video conferences with a BCBA for interactive learning.
  • Comes with a 200-page hardcopy RBT textbook and multiple-choice examination preparation resources.

Just Completing the 40-Hour RBT Training:

  • More budget-friendly, reducing initial financial commitment.
  • Flexible scheduling, allowing for self-paced study.
  • Suitable for individuals who will complete their Initial Competency Assessment with a BCBA at their place of employment and who are confident in their ability to independently prepare for the competency assessment.

Each path has its unique benefits, tailored to different needs and circumstances. 📘🌟 
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