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Pass your RBT exam the first time or your money back! All 37 Registered Behavior Technician (RBT) Task List Items simplified using easy to understand definitions, descriptions, diagrams, examples, and video clips.

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"Hi, I hope you are doing well. I just wanted to let you know that the Rapid Exam Prep is so easy to understand and follow 👍👌5 stars for it. Thank you so much Katie, I’m so glad and thankful I found you :) My concepts have become clear going through the Exam Prep honestly much better than - - - . I will definitely recommend it to anyone I know who wants to become a RBT. Thanks 😊"
Mahak, RBT Student
"I passed! Thank you for all of your help! I have dug around and searched for how to study for this darn RBT test. BCBA's got cooper, well now, us RBT's have ATCC. It is hands down the most comprehensible explanation I have ever read through and have been fortunate enough to find and be able to run through the exam prep within the span of two days, right before I take my RBT examination. This exam prep tied all the loose odds and ends together and things finally, FINALLY clicked in terms of how this whole RBT task list of terms and and need to know content clicked. I am happy to say it is cohesive now in my brain."
Krysta, RBT Student

Key to your success

The most comprehensive RBT study material available online.

Magnified Task List Items

Clear & Easy Descriptions. Gain a complete understanding of task list terminology with simple definitions and descriptions. 

Helping You Relate 

Examples, Scenarios & Video Clips. Dive deeper into knowledge of task list material with easy to relate to examples, diagrams, scenarios and video clips.

Multiple Choice Quiz Questions 

Practice Test Questions. Test your knowledge of task list material with sample multiple choice test questions at the end of every segment. 

Review the entire RBT Task List (2nd ed.)

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